Demographic profile of the Mehsana district.

Greater Mumbai state is divided into two states, named Gujarat and Maharashtra in 1960. Since then Mehsana District has become a part of Gujarat state. Due to large area and over population, Mehsana district was further divided into two districts in year 1997-1998. Before division there were 11 Blocks -Kalol, Kadi, Mehsana, Kheralu, Chanasma, Sidhpur, Vijapur, Visnagar, Patan Sami, and Harij. Kheralu block was divided in three parts Satlasana, Vadnagar and Kheralu; Chanasma is divided into two parts Chanasma and Becharaji, where as Sidhpur is divided into two blocks Unjha and Sidhpur. Thus from these blocks, Patan, Chanasma, Sidhpur, Sami and Harij were added in Patan District, where as Kalol taluka was added into Gandhinagar district. With division of Vijapur taluka, Mansa was added into Gandhinagar district. Then after in 2013 Gujarat Chief Minister Narendrabhai Nodi Declared 33 New talukas, so in Mehsana district one new taluka, Jotana (from Kadi and Mehsana) are become new block of mehsana district. Now in Mehsana district 10 Blocks, viz. Bechraji, Kadi, Kheralu, Mehsana, Satlasana, Unjha, Vadnagar, Vijapur, Visnagar and Jotana.

Climate: Climate is generally pleaseant.In winter season,the lowest temperature 12 . cel. And in summer the temperature is near about 38 . cel.

The Total Rain: The average Rain is recorded like 238m.m to 822m.m.In the year 2010-11 the total rain was recorded 1096 m.m
The district is bound on the North by Banaskantha, in the East by the Sabarkantha, in the West Patan and in the South Ahmedabad district.
Mehsana district is one of the largest districts of state with an area of 4311.8 sq. km having 11 blocks and 1 Municipalities. In 2011, Mahesana had population of 20.35 lakh of which male and female were 10.56 lakh and 9.78 lakh respectively. In 2001 census, Mahesana had a population of 18.37 lakh of which males were 9.53 lakh and remaining 8.84 lacks were females. Density of population is 419 per 1 sq. km. which is more than the state average of 258 sq. km.
Sun Temple, Kirti-Toran, Sarmishta lake, Narsinh Mehta’s Chori, Hatkeshwar temple, Temple of Tana-Riri, Taranga temple, Umiya Mataji, Raj Mahal of Mehsana are historical and religious places, and monuments of the Mehsana district.

Process of plan formulation

Planning is an important tool for the success of the time bound project. The necessary changes to be made are also passed to district offices after receiving from National level.

SMC Level

At the stage of 30 Sep. 2015 School Management Committee held meeting for School Development plan. All SMC members involved for make SDP and U-DISE form data fill up process. SMC members analysis school infrastructure, school weakness, strength and other issue of schools. SMC make plan and preparation at ground level.

Cluster Level

After completion of U-DISE data fill process in the end of first week of October 2015, a meeting was organized at cluster level where the data was shared with the Teachers, SMC members, analysis was done and future requirements were planned. These meetings were organized by Cluster Resource Coordinators at their respective centers in first week of October 2015.

Block Level

CRC Coordinators summarized their requirements and presented their planning at Block level meeting conducted by Block Resource Coordinator on last second of October. The Assistant District Project Coordinators of different activities also guided the CRC’s and BRC’s in planning.

District Level

A preliminary meeting was organized at District level of Coordinators/DIET members/BRC/Staff of Education Dept on Last week of December, under the guidance of District Primary Education Officer to discuss the progress made in the current year and also to analyze the plan received from BRC.

A workshop was conducted were all the coordinators participated to formulate the plan activity wise. Then one to one meeting was held by the Coordinators, MIS & Account personnel for budgeting.


Formation of core groups on planning district core group

A district core group was formed with District Primary Education Officer as the chairman and with following other members.

Principal (DIET)

Visioning officer (senior-lecturer DIET)

District social welfare officer

Woman & child welfare officer

Prominent gnus in the district

The core group met several times to discuss the plan of UEE further it was decided to develop a list of children name wise who are in school and out of school it was also discussed to form planning teams at block and habitation level and formed with following members.

District Profile

Mehsana is one of the 33 District of Gujarat with an Area of 4311.8 Area in sq. km The Total population of District is 20.35 lakh as per census 2011. Mehsana is the head quarter of the district. There are 666 villages, 10 talukas and 11 Nagarpalika and in 2013 one new block created in Mehsana district. The District connected with Road ways, the national highway and Railway.

DATA ON POPULATION: 2001 and 2011

A population is a summation of all the organisms of the same group or species, who live in the same geographical area, and have the capability of interbreeding. Mehsana district population as per census 2001 and 2011 are as below.